What is the V-Pointsβ program 

V-Pointsβ is a program to reward user loyalty in apps. You can use the program to earn real life Gift Certificates by just spending time in apps that you already enjoy. The overall process looks as follows - you earn achievements by using the app, you claim those achievements to get points in the V-Pointsβ portal and then you can redeem those points to get rewards - which are real life Gift Certificates that you can use ! Best of all, it is completely free for you ! 

How do I earn V-Points

The good news is that you just have to use the apps that you already enjoy to earn V-Points. You earn V-Points by doing specific actions in any V-Points enabled app. It might be completing a level in a game or answering a question in a quiz app. You earn Achivements and each Achievement has points associated with it depending upon the difficulty level. As you spend time in the apps that you already use and enjoy, you will automatically earn these achievements that will be credited to your account. Please make sure that you are logged in the V-Points system before you start using the app to ensure that your hard earned achievements are credited to you. Once you have earned your achievements, you have to claim them to get the points associated with them. 

How do I claim V-Points

Or more accurately, how do you claim the achivements to get the associated V-Points. To claim your achievements, you have to open the V-Pointsβ portal, which is a gold V in a circle icon , generally in the vicinity of the top right corner of your app. Once you are logged in, you should see a link to Achivements section on the home page. Click on it to go the Achievements section, where you can see all your hard earned achievements from that app. Click on any unclaimed achievement to claim it and get the points associated with it. 

How do I use my V-Points

The process is called "redeeming" your V-Points. Once you have earned enough V-Points, you can go to the V-Pointsβ portal and click on the link to the Rewards section, where you can see all the Rewards available. The V-Pointsβ portal also shows you your V-Points balance, so that you know which rewards you can redeem with your available points. Check the Rewards section frequently, as we run limited time promotions 

How many V-Points can I earn

A more accurate question is if there is limit on the achievements can you earn in day. Currently, a user can earn achievements worth upto 5,000 V-Points on a given day. This is far more generous that many other point systems. It also ensures that you have the ability to earn atleast one reward everyday if you earn the maximum number of V-Points. We may, at our sole discretion, raise or lower this limit temporarily or permanently.

How many V-Points can I claim

Once you have earned the achievement, there is a limit to the number of achievements you can claim per day. As of July 6 2017, this limit is set to achievements worth 25000 V-Points per day, but this limit is expected to vary from time to time without any notice.  

How many V-Points can I redeem

As many as you have in your account. Once you have claimed the V-Points, they are yours to redeem whenever you want. They don't expire as long as your account is in active status. 

How do I get my Rewards

When you redeem a reward, it will sent to you at your registered email address with facebook. If you don't have a registered email address with facebook, we'll ask you enter one and we will send the reward to that email address. Please note that for security reasons, we do not allow changing the rewards email address once it is set. So, please double check you have a valid functioning email address to receive the rewards. Most rewards are granted within 5 business days of requesting them, though sometimes it may take longer if extra verification is required. Please note that for some rewards, we may contact you and need to verify your identity  before we can give that reward to you. 

What kind of Gift Certificates can I get

V-Points currently offers Gift Certificates from dozens of retailers, a list of which is given below. In addition to these, Amazon is also supported, from where you can buy a wide variety of things. 



What devices / platforms are supported 

For Android, V-Points is only supported on Android devices running Android 5.0 or higher. Please note that due to the huge number of Android devices and customizations that manufacturers do, V-Points may not work on all devices even if you have Android 5.0 or higher. 

V-Points is in the process of expanding into iOS. Many apps will be available with V-Points soon. If you want to test drive V-Points - currently, there is one app in pre-release here 

What apps can I earn V-Points in

A partial list of popular V-Points enabled apps is available here

Why do I have to sign up using facebook

It serves a few purposes. Firstly, for you - the user, it establishes a level of trust. Not all apps are approved by facebook, so having an app that uses facebook for authentication is good. Secondly, for us - it helps us verify that we are dealing with a real person - as facebook seems to have a good reputation for filtering out robots and other non human elements. Thirdly, for both you and us, since we use facebook, we don't have to store any passwords anywhere. That means no passwords to maintain, no password breaches to worry about and a safe secure platform for you. 

Do you post anything on my facebook

No, Nada, Never. We don't even request posting permissions. 

Where is the V-Points program available

Currently, the V-Pointsβ program is available in the United States.

Do you have a referral program

Yes, we do ! Refer a friend to use V-Points and both of you get a bonus of 5% of the points redeemed by your friend in the first year of joining. Put another way, every time your friend redeems his/her points, a 5% bonus would be credited to both you and your friend's points balance (during the first year of your friend's joining). For example, if your friend redeems 100,000 points, you get 5,000 points and your friend gets 5,000 points. Your friend must send an email to [email protected] within seven days of registering for the V-Points program, mentioning that you referred him/her. You can refer upto 100 friends and earn a maximum of 1,000,000 points (1 million points) under this referral program. This program may be terminated by at any time without any cause or notice. We take fraud seriously. Points will not be awarded if your friend is found ineligible (due to a fake profile, fraud or anything else at the sole discretion of Avishkar Software). Furthermore, we may ban the referring account and report the matter to the relevant authorities. 

Will V-Points be available in my country soon

We hope so ! As of now, it is only available in the United States, though we hope to expand internationally as well at the right time. Stay tuned ! 

Is it really worth it. How much can I really earn

While one has to evaluate every program's worth for oneself, many V-Points users find the program very generous and rewarding. The amount of Gift certificates that you earn would depend upon how much time and effort you decide to spend in the program. The point values and rewards are all subject to change, but one can earn upto $400 in Gift certificates given the right strategies. Please note that all this is subject to change at the sole discretion of V-Points and that V-Points does not give any guarantees or assurances regarding earnings. 

Anything else I should know

Yes, you should go over the terms of our service available here. You should also go over our privacy policy available here. Both these documents have important implications that you should carefully read and agree to. Also, please note that the V-Pointsβ program is only available to people aged 18 or older. It you are under 18 years old or are considered a minor in your jurisdiction, you are not eligible for the V-Pointsβ program.